Canada’s largest independent video game studio has doubled its space at Albert North.

The company strategically entered the UK market a year ago when it acquired award-winning Middlesbrough-based games studio SockMonkey. The move meant it could meet the growing demand for its development services, which have made Behaviour a go-to provider for partners such as Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner and Take-Two, among others.

Already based at Albert North, SockMonkey was Behaviour’s first European investment. This resulted in it being renamed Behaviour UK – North, making it clear that it was now part of the same family as Behaviour’s Toronto and Montreal studios and Seattle in the United States.

Since the acquisition, Behaviour’s UK team has attracted talented developers from across the country, nearly doubling its size to over 80. They are also expanding their existing links with Teesside University and local colleges to educate and encourage more youngsters into game development and showcase the exciting STEM careers they could have in the future.

“We’ve always admired the UK’s rich pool of gaming talent, and our expansion to the country is now letting us tap it to the great benefit of our development partners,” said Wayne Meazza, Behaviour Interactive’s Executive Vice-President.

“It’s been an exciting year for us in the UK, and we have every intention of building on this momentum over the next 12 months and well into the future.”

Already occupying 5,000 sq ft of office space in the prestigious 16/26 Albert Road, the company’s continued growth required additional space, with a further 6,000 sq ft now being taken within the building.

Expanding the Albert North office demonstrates Behaviour’s desire to invest heavily in providing its team with a fantastic environment, ensuring everyone is well looked after, whilst supporting its growth plans to attract more world-class talent to Teesside.

Bob Makin, General Manager of Behaviour’s UK operations, said, “It’s been an incredible first year with Behaviour, one filled with amazing projects that many of us could previously only dream of working on.

“We’re very fortunate to have Behaviour here and create not just jobs but unique opportunities for UK developers.

“Jomast have been terrific at supporting our expansion plans. They have worked with us to design the additional space to our specification, and we are delighted we have been able to remain here.”

Albert North has become the preferred location for many high-profile and ambitious tech businesses such as Big Bite, Salesfire, Alt Labs, Techquity, Mabo and Wander, and this has resulted in an expanded digital cluster and bustling commercial district.

Mark Hill, commercial property director at Jomast, said:” We’re delighted to have been able to support Behaviour’s growth plans, and enjoyed working closely with the Montreal office to carry out a full refit of the space including the installation of 5 miles of additional data cabling that were required.”

“Albert North has become home to a strong and thriving tech community, and we are proud to have been able to support many of these companies’ ambitious growth plans.”

Any individuals interested in a role at Behaviour can find more details at